About Fired Figments

Fired Figments ceramics are handcrafted by Stephanie Krist in Rochester, New York. Inspired by a lifelong love of dragons and fantasy, Fired Figments aims to bring a little magic to your everyday routine through whimsical pottery and sculpture. The Fired Figments studio is a part of the MADE ON STATE campus of creative businesses located at 510 State Street, Rochester, NY 14608.

About Stephanie


Hi - I'm Stephanie! I took my first ceramics class in high school and hated it up until the very last project - a bust sculpture. While the actual assignment was to recreate the likeness of a (human) celebrity or friend, I opted to sculpt a Tauntaun - a fictional creature from the Star Wars movies (insert nerd meter going way up.) I was in love with the final product and realized that clay was the medium that could bring the figments of my imagination to life. After a year away from ceramics, I took a hand-building class in college and was officially hooked. Fast forward one change of major later, and I graduated from Nazareth College of Rochester in December 2014 with a B.S. in Studio Art (concentration in ceramics), a B.A. in Art History, and a minor in Business Administration. I started Fired Figments in the Summer of 2015, and have been making pottery ever since. A few of my favorite things are desserts, dogs, dragons, and alliteration (see what I did there?)

Want to learn more about my journey as an artist? Get an in-depth look at my art and business in this video interview with Iva from Art Side of Life.

Nothing goes better with a handcrafted mug and your favorite warm beverage than a good book! Get a peek into my bookshelf here and read along with me!

Stephanie/ Fired Figments in the News

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Ceramic Care

Fired Figments pottery is microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. It is suggested that you hand wash your dragon mugs because of the fragile nature of their horns and tails. Here are some other suggestions to ensure a long life for any handcrafted pottery:

  • When microwaving, make sure your vessel is at least half full with liquid or food. This helps everything heat evenly and prevents hotspots on your pottery.

  • Both the contents of your pottery and the pottery itself should be room temperature before being put into the microwave or oven.

  • Avoid putting just-washed (still damp) ceramics in the microwave if they have any exposed areas of raw clay (check the bottom of your mug, many have raw "feet.")

  • NEVER go from extreme cold (refrigerator) to extreme heat (microwave/oven.)

  • Allow ceramic ovenware to warm up in your oven while you preheat.

  • If you are going to pour boiling water (hot tea, coffee, etc.) into a ceramic mug, first swirl some warm water around the inside of the mug so to not "shock" the ceramic with the extreme heat.


Fired Figments ships worldwide. All orders are shipped through USPS and shipping prices reflect the USPS shipping estimate.

Fired Figments is happy to say that all of our packing materials (including boxes) are repurposed from the generous donations of other local businesses. We hope that you are also able to reuse or recycle the materials from your order. Reusing a cardboard box means one less box that has to go into production. Recycling cardboard saves 24% of the energy needed to make new cardboard (according to Waste Management.)  If you're interested in donating packing supplies to Fired Figments, please contact

Check out some of our packing supply donors below: