Privacy Policy

Fired Figments respects your privacy. We collect information from you when you choose to join our mailing list or purchase an item from the online store. In these instances, the information is necessary to perform our business (ex. providing email updates or shipping purchases.) Fired Figments will not use your information outside of the functions of our business.

Through Squarespace, Fired Figments collects cookies (little pieces of data) for necessary functions of the site (ex. saving your cart while you are shopping) and for analytical purposes (i.e. understanding how visitors use the site to help us provide a better experience.) You may opt-out of analytics cookies by not clicking “continue” on our cookie pop-up. You can learn more about the cookies Squarespace uses here.

Our site functions through the use of the following web services. Occasionally, these sites may work together, like during the processing of a payment. For more information, visit their privacy policies:

Square (for custom or pre-order invoices):
Mailchimp (mailing list):